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Building Representatives

See your Timber Creek Directory for contact information.  Building Reps are points of contact for your building questions.  They are not your maintenance people but could help you find out who to contact.  Also it's helpful if they know which units are occupied in case of emergencies.  ( Revised April 2023)



300, 400, 500, 600                     Jim & Jan Terpstra    


                                                       Colleen Cipriani


700,  900                                      Rick Lopez


800                                                Beverly Haeke 

1000                                             Joyce Tevald


1100, 1200 1300                          David Wiles 

                                                      Dave Stewart 


1400 & 1500                                Maggie Stewart


1800 & 1900                                Ed Donoway 

                                                      Marian Srader


Back Gate helpers :David Wiles,  Peter Doherty,  Dave Stewart, Bob Long, Bob Baker                 

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